breayne (portmanteauxx) wrote in columbiacollege,

Actress Needed For Short Film

I'm looking for an Actress for a three minute film that will be shot on 16mm film. Late 20s to early 30s.

A woman seduces a young man when he returns her lost ID to her, only to steal all his belongings and leave him naked and hurt in an alley.

Auditions will be held this Wednesday in the South Loop. Please contact me if you're interested and I'll give you more information.


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I'm not an actress at all, but I just wanted to say this is totally awesome! More female on male violence, please!
This sounds a little like a short I'm working on, only I decided the act of the assailants stealing something from the man rationalizes it in peoples minds. They aren't greedy, they're just blood thirsty and full of good old hate.
Put this up here whenever you finish it!

Thanks! I definitely will! This script was written by a guy too, so that makes it even more interesting. It's the first film I'll be making that I haven't personally written, and only the second film I've made, so I'm pretty excited about it!