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06:44pm 11/10/2010

I know A LOT of people at Columbia are from Michigan, and this is DEFINITELY something you in the film department need to sign [if you're from Michigan or know people who this will truly affect]. ANYONE can sign it, you don't have to be in Michigan.

I can tell you that the only reason I've had an animation job in Michigan is because of this incentive. Many animation studios in Michigan are competing with India for work. We have to bid as low as possible to get jobs and this huge tax cut for animation, film, and video games created here is one of the only ways we are able to bid so low. We are even able to animate shows for the UK because we can do the work for cheap enough! I know so many people who will lose their jobs and so many future people graduating that won't be able to get a job here if this incentive falls through so PLEASE HELP US OUT! The economy is already horrendous in Michigan and we can't suffer another huge blow :(
Free Amazon Prime for students 
05:24am 25/08/2010
  Amazon is currently giving free 1 year memberships to Amazon Prime (free 2 day shipping, $3.99 overnight shipping) to current students with a .edu email address: http://www.amazon.com/gp/student/signup/info I'm not sure how long they're offering this (it doesn't say on the site).

Just thought i'd give fellow students the heads up on this in case you haven't heard about it yet. This is going to save me a ton on shipping textbooks this year!
All Winners Festival 2009 Awards Announced 
02:07pm 11/02/2010
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Best Overall Film 'Weegee' directed by Davide Gatti
Reelshow Community Award   John Salcedo

Congratulations to both of you.

Writing for Managers? 
01:29pm 25/08/2009
  So this semester I had the brilliant idea of taking Writing for Managers online so that I wouldn't have to take the 40 minute el ride into the city.
The only problem is that I know nothing about online courses. Do I get a syllabus? How do I "attend" class?
Anyone done this before and want to fill me in?
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The Film Student 
03:56pm 23/08/2009
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A Reelshow Guest Article written by Director / Director of Photography Jose Cassella
06:13pm 26/07/2009
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~ CD 1334 oF cHICAGO
Help with the Exception Committee ? 
02:55pm 01/07/2009
  I did a really dumb thing, and signed up for a summer class and summer financial aid. I thought the $2000 in loans that I was granted was perfect, as it was the amount of the class plus fees and books that I would need. It never occurred to me that I needed to be a full-time student, even in the summer, to receive these loans. This is my bad. I own this. However, nobody bothered to bring it to my attention that I was not signed up for enough classes, and I checked my statement on Oasis constantly, waiting for these loans. There was never anything to make me think something was amiss.
So, I start taking the class, and during the second week it occurs to me that my loans are still marked as pending. I called the financial aid office, who at first told me everything was fine. After a little prodding, wouldn't you know it, the guy realized I wasn't signed up for enough classes, and my loans weren't going to come through. The date to add or drop a class had passed by two days, and there was nothing I could do, and I was staring down an $1800 bill.
I was sent through a phone loop, talked to no less than five people, until I spoke with someone in my advisors office. She said that I could write a letter stating what happened, and it would be passed to a committee who would review my case and decide if they would waive the fee for this class. I asked if I should drop the class now, but she advised me to keep taking it as normal. This was Wednesday, June 3rd.
Thursday, June 4th, I go to class to explain to my teacher the situation, and that I would probably be dropping the class soon. I sit in class for a little bit and my phone rings, and it's my advisor. She says that I need to stop going to the class, and that she needs my teacher to send her an email saying what my last day was. I give him the information, and leave.
My teacher doesn't email her. I talk to my advisor (who calls me by the wrong name several times, and then leaves me a voicemail for someone named Chris, who by the way, is failing that class you wanted an incomplete in - Sorry, dude) who says I can't do anything without his email. I email him several times, and he tells me he is too busy to write the email. Ok.... thanks. I had really enjoyed this teacher before, too. Actually, the only reason I took this class is because he asked me to, saying that summer would be a great time to take it.
Finally, on June 16th, he sends her a one sentence email with two misspellings. Great. My advisor says everything looks good, says my letter is great, and I should totally be waived the fee once it all goes through.
So then I get the response. June 23rd. Your request has been denied, someone from Financial Aid will call. That's it. I call my advisor, she's out of town. I call the main office, nobody is there. I get a really cranky voicemail from some woman who tells me that the letter said they'd be in touch, so just wait, don't bother to call them. Awesome.
Today, July 1st. My advisor is back, and she calls me. Flighty as ever, she says 'Yeah, those people should call you... but do you want the number anyhow?' I asked her if there's any appeal for the judgement and she's like "oh, I don't think so.. I don't know..." Very very helpful.
So here we are. I have a class that I didn't drop, but have missed 3 weeks of so obviously I can't pass, and an $1800 bill for nothing at all. I doubt these people are going to call me, and honestly, I'm freaking out. I'm an adult student, I support myself, and I can't afford to pay for this class as well as the fall term, especially if I'm not even going to get credit for the damn thing. I just can't believe they're not willing to waive this fee. Would they rather have the $36,000 it's gonna take before I graduate, or $1800?
Has anyone dealt with these people before, or does anyone have any tips as to who I need to blow to get out of this mess?

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06:36pm 23/05/2009
  Hey guys!
I'm going to be a freshman at columbia next year, and I was wondering if anyone was looking for a room mate? I'm looking for a place close to columbia (no more than a mile away), for no more that $700 a month. You can comment here or im me at JamJam619.

Yes, it's another apartment post. (1 bedroom in a 2 bd/1 bath, furnished!) 
11:58am 24/04/2009
  Hey folks,

My roomie (a current Columbia student) is graduating and I need to find someone to take over the lease with me. The apartment is in Andersonville at the corner of Paulina and Foster. You can see pictures here: http://mail.google.com/mail/?ui=2&view=bsp&ver=1qygpcgurkovy. It's right on the corner of Paulina and Foster, 2 blocks from Clark St. and the heart of Andersonville. Walking distance/92 bus to Berwyn or Argyle on the red line, 50 bus to Damen Brown line. The entire interior is BRAND NEW and has:

-Fresh paint (gorgeous browns, yellows, and blues, NO WHITE!)
- New appliances, including a dishwasher and IN UNIT washer/dryer
-Marble bathroom, with jacuzzi tub
-FULLY FURNISHED including your bedroom!
-shared large living room, kitchen, and bathroom, plus two private bedrooms.

Your bedroom is, as mentioned, furnished (just missing a bed frame, but there is a mattress!) It's the larger of the two, with two big windows and an air conditioner. If you don't want the furnishings, we can have Brown Elephant haul them away.

Your half the rent is $737 a month, heat and hot water included, which is AMAZING because of the washer, jacuzzi tub, and dishwasher. Total expenses including rent, gas, electric, and cable come to about $800/month. First month, may, you pay half rent ($368.00) and can move in on the 15th. JUNE FIRST we get a brand new lease, so you have security. No crazy subletting arrangements!

A little about me: my name's Jen, I'm 21. I work full-time and am gone days but generally around in the evenings and on weekends. I love movies of all kinds, video games, reading, and cooking. I'm not a crazy party girl but I do like to go out for drinks and dancing sometimes. I couldn't care less about your sex/gender/orientation (I am gay, if it matters), but I'd love someone low-maintenance and easy going who wouldn't mind hanging out and having fun every now and then. I have a cat with medium/long hair. She's very friendly and polite, spayed and up on all her shots. Another cat or a respectful dog would be welcome!

If you're interested, please email me at parodysue@gmail.com this is a great apartment, SO worth the price and I know you'll love it if you come see it.

PLEASE sublet my apartment! GREAT 1 bd/1 ba. in Printers Row avail. JUNE 1 
11:24pm 19/04/2009
I have a fantastic apartment available in Printer's Row from June 1 through Sept 30 with an option to renew (Harrison/Dearborn)... it's more of a re-let than a sublet; you would take over the lease and it would be put in your name. It's one block from the Harrison Red Line Stop, near Columbia, DePaul, Roosevelt, and just south of the loop. It's a quiet neighborhood and the apartment faces Plymouth (east.) It includes one bedroom and one bathroom, kitchen (with dishwasher), two large closets and one large linen closet with built in shelves. The apartment comes with a storage unit and there is laundry in the building. It has central air/heat and those are included in the utilities - you just pay electric. It's wired for Direct tv as well. Cats are ok (no dogs though.)

If you want pictures I'll be more than happy to email you some - livejournal is not letting me upload any right now- my email is broadway1baby@yahoo.com. This is seriously a fantastic apartment and I love it but have to move for personal reasons. I'll post what's on Craigslist to make sure I haven't left anything out.

Apartment Features: 

760 Square feet 
Hardwood floors throughout 
Ceramic tile bath 
10.5 ft. ceilings 
Big windows 
Lots of closets 
Central Heat/Air 
Track Lighting 
Pre-wired for DirectTV 38.99/month for first time customers 
Storage Unit included in rent! 
Big Bay windows 
Plenty of natural light 
HUGE living room 
Bedroom can fit a queen size bed with plenty of room for a desk or dressers or tv 
Laundry in building 

June 1 - September 30 with option to renew at same rate! 
1225 a month 
35 credit check /per person 
1347.50 security deposit (1 month + 10%) refundable upon move-out 
You pay electric (other utilities are included) 
NO move in fee 
NO fee for cats 

Within 3-5 minute walk of Red, Blue, Brown, Pink, Orange line, as well as 22, 36, 62, 145, 3, X3 and more! Amazing neighborhood with tons of restaurants, bars and local businesses. 
Please CALL 312.953.3340 or EMAIL broadway1baby@yahoo.com for a showing/any pictures.

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05:19pm 19/04/2009
  Can anyone tell me about the Sports Management major? Not the info on the site, but your opinion on everything (teachers, classes, life after graduation, internships, etc.)

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apartment for sublet june 1st-july 31st, or available for year lease 
04:42pm 07/04/2009
  $980/month. Studio apartment for sublet June 1st - July 31st

2009. Possibly available a couple days sooner.

Apartment doesn't HAVE to be sublet--could be

leased for 1 year [if you are interested ask when

you call].

-apartment in great condition and spacious

compared to other studio apartmens i've lived in!

-right next to fire escape and freight elevator

-has air conditioning and heating in unit

-cable hook up

-lots of counter space and kitchen storage!!!

-big newly tiled shower [unlike most buildings

from the 1920s]

-directly across from the free Lincoln Park



-doorman & security

-amazing huge beautiful lobby from 1920's

when it used to be a hotel!

-bike room

-i included pictures from when I moved in last

fall so you can get an idea of what it looks like.

check out the GREAT VIEW!!


2150 N. Lincoln Park West

unit #1401

if interested please contact Webster House

apartments management to set up a viewing time

and ask questions, be sure to mention that you are

interested in apartment #1401:





PHONE #: 773 348 6800

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04:37pm 30/03/2009
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~ CD 1334 oF cHICAGO
anyone need a book for Urban Images in Media? 
12:02am 19/03/2009
  if you are planning on taking Urban Images in Media in the future.. I have the book Celluloid Skyline by James Sanders [required reading for the class]. I'm selling it for $10.

its a bargain! let me know!
studio apartment for sublet or full year lease 
02:44pm 15/03/2009
  studio apartment directly across from lincoln park zoo for sublet or full year lease

here is the craigslist ad:

pictures are included.
Production I films need actors 
11:24am 28/02/2009

My production I class is in desperate need of people to act in our first films.

There are films being shot both Monday and Tuesday march 2nd and 3rd. Filming starts at 1, meeting in 1104 wabash, rm 509. Films take place at grant park. We need mostly guys, but women please still contact. We can't pay you, but we will get you a copy of finished film. Each short will be done in one day, so if you are available only one day that is fine. If you are available for both days we may use you in a diff film each day.

If you are interested I can be contacted at the following:
Facebook: "Ashley France" or group "best production I ever"(this is the networking group for everyone in class)
Or msg me using lj


Thanks again
Ashley Alysa

Photographer for Birthday Party 
05:04pm 19/02/2009
  Hey, my friend is having a birthday party and is looking for a photographer or two to take some party pictures and posed shots of the guests attending.  The party is on Feb. 28th, and he needs some quotes as well.  If you are interested, send me an e-mail or leave a comment cbedenis@hotmail.com  
Actress Needed For Short Film 
01:36pm 16/02/2009
  I'm looking for an Actress for a three minute film that will be shot on 16mm film. Late 20s to early 30s.

A woman seduces a young man when he returns her lost ID to her, only to steal all his belongings and leave him naked and hurt in an alley.

Auditions will be held this Wednesday in the South Loop. Please contact me if you're interested and I'll give you more information.


email: breayne@gmail.com
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Auto Show articles 
10:32pm 18/01/2009
  Hey Journalism students!

I'm shooting photos for a magazine with a friend at the Auto Show next month. I'm not entirely sure about the subject matter other than it's car related, but he's definitely looking for people to write articles. If you're interested send me an email at nicoleverbick[at]gmail[dot]com and I'll give you his contact info. It's not for pay (at least not right now), but definitely an opportunity to get published. And please feel free to pass info along to other journalism students you know if you think they might be interested.

Hey photo majors! 
09:47pm 17/11/2008
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What do you do with your test prints? Throw them away, right?


I make cool stuff like purses and wallet out of them and sell them on Etsy.

I'm willing to pay you postage and a little something extra to send me your test prints you were going to throw away. Drop me an email if you're interested. And if you like what you see, I'd totally be willing to make you something in addition to paying you to send me your test prints.