ashleyalysa (ashleyalysa) wrote in columbiacollege,

Production I films need actors

My production I class is in desperate need of people to act in our first films.

There are films being shot both Monday and Tuesday march 2nd and 3rd. Filming starts at 1, meeting in 1104 wabash, rm 509. Films take place at grant park. We need mostly guys, but women please still contact. We can't pay you, but we will get you a copy of finished film. Each short will be done in one day, so if you are available only one day that is fine. If you are available for both days we may use you in a diff film each day.

If you are interested I can be contacted at the following:
Facebook: "Ashley France" or group "best production I ever"(this is the networking group for everyone in class)
Or msg me using lj


Thanks again
Ashley Alysa

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