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Help with the Exception Committee ?

I did a really dumb thing, and signed up for a summer class and summer financial aid. I thought the $2000 in loans that I was granted was perfect, as it was the amount of the class plus fees and books that I would need. It never occurred to me that I needed to be a full-time student, even in the summer, to receive these loans. This is my bad. I own this. However, nobody bothered to bring it to my attention that I was not signed up for enough classes, and I checked my statement on Oasis constantly, waiting for these loans. There was never anything to make me think something was amiss.
So, I start taking the class, and during the second week it occurs to me that my loans are still marked as pending. I called the financial aid office, who at first told me everything was fine. After a little prodding, wouldn't you know it, the guy realized I wasn't signed up for enough classes, and my loans weren't going to come through. The date to add or drop a class had passed by two days, and there was nothing I could do, and I was staring down an $1800 bill.
I was sent through a phone loop, talked to no less than five people, until I spoke with someone in my advisors office. She said that I could write a letter stating what happened, and it would be passed to a committee who would review my case and decide if they would waive the fee for this class. I asked if I should drop the class now, but she advised me to keep taking it as normal. This was Wednesday, June 3rd.
Thursday, June 4th, I go to class to explain to my teacher the situation, and that I would probably be dropping the class soon. I sit in class for a little bit and my phone rings, and it's my advisor. She says that I need to stop going to the class, and that she needs my teacher to send her an email saying what my last day was. I give him the information, and leave.
My teacher doesn't email her. I talk to my advisor (who calls me by the wrong name several times, and then leaves me a voicemail for someone named Chris, who by the way, is failing that class you wanted an incomplete in - Sorry, dude) who says I can't do anything without his email. I email him several times, and he tells me he is too busy to write the email. Ok.... thanks. I had really enjoyed this teacher before, too. Actually, the only reason I took this class is because he asked me to, saying that summer would be a great time to take it.
Finally, on June 16th, he sends her a one sentence email with two misspellings. Great. My advisor says everything looks good, says my letter is great, and I should totally be waived the fee once it all goes through.
So then I get the response. June 23rd. Your request has been denied, someone from Financial Aid will call. That's it. I call my advisor, she's out of town. I call the main office, nobody is there. I get a really cranky voicemail from some woman who tells me that the letter said they'd be in touch, so just wait, don't bother to call them. Awesome.
Today, July 1st. My advisor is back, and she calls me. Flighty as ever, she says 'Yeah, those people should call you... but do you want the number anyhow?' I asked her if there's any appeal for the judgement and she's like "oh, I don't think so.. I don't know..." Very very helpful.
So here we are. I have a class that I didn't drop, but have missed 3 weeks of so obviously I can't pass, and an $1800 bill for nothing at all. I doubt these people are going to call me, and honestly, I'm freaking out. I'm an adult student, I support myself, and I can't afford to pay for this class as well as the fall term, especially if I'm not even going to get credit for the damn thing. I just can't believe they're not willing to waive this fee. Would they rather have the $36,000 it's gonna take before I graduate, or $1800?
Has anyone dealt with these people before, or does anyone have any tips as to who I need to blow to get out of this mess?

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